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You can make an 8-10 times batter of this recipe and then cut the brownies into squares as they cool, cover tightly and freeze. Pull out a pan at every Pesach meal! Optional: Sprinkle with confectionery sugar.
This is easy and delicious, especially if you use fresh squeezed lemons!
This brisket makes a delicious meal, especially when you throw in a couple of veggies to the bottom of the pan. Don't forget to slice the meat when it's cool, so that you can make beautiful, thin slices.
Delicious and pretty in a pitcher, the lemonade adds a festive touch to a Passover lunch table.
When the Seders are over, what do you do with your marror? Make it into a delicious horseradish for your gefilteh fish!
Nope, this is not chicken soup! It's a tasty, never-fail soup.
The patties are SO delicious, they may be eaten by passersby as they come out of the frying pan!
This is a very tangy, colorful dish. Be sure to soak the chicken for at least twenty minutes, so that it fully absorbs that juicy lemon-lime flavor!
One thing is for sure "Ma's Recipes" are always quick, delicious and fresh. Nothing ever served form the freezer. Oy!
Shnitzel only for the "kids menu"? No way! Serve with an elegant sweet potato side dish or garden salad for a pretty plate and delicious combination!