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Shofar factory full coverage!

Shofar factory full coverage!

Palm Beach Daily News | October 10, 2016


High Holy Days tradition sounds at ‘shofar factory’

Palm Beach Daily News 
Monday, October 10, 2016

Photo: Marshmallows photo
Rabbi Aron Rabin teaches Ari Zetouni,
left, and Brea Siegel how to make a 
shofar at The Society of the Four Arts Children’s Library.

Watermelon at Chabad House event photo
Rabbi Aron Rabin, who led a ‘shofar
factory’ Thursday in Palm Beach, sounds
the instrument in preparation for Rosh Hashana. (Yuting Jiang / The Palm 
Beach Post)

Photo: Trio photo
Children learn about the shofar at The 
Society of the Four Arts Children’s Library. 


A “shofar factory” was presented The Chabad House at The Society of the Four Arts Children’s Library.

Led by Rabbi Aron Rabin, the children learned how to make the trumpet-like instrument that is sounded during the Jewish High Holidays.

Hearing the shofar is a mitzvah, a virtuous deed.

The event was part of Chabad’s new Daled Arts Jewish enrichment programs, and in cooperation with The Friedman CJE’s PJ Library program.