If you are coming to town to see any of the specialists at Good Samaritan Hospital, St. Mary’s Hospital, the Paley Institute, or any of the nearby rehab centers, please contact us so we can make your stay a little easier. May G‑d bless you with a complete and immediate recovery!

“When I came with my entire family to Palm Beach, knowing we were here for six months [for my daughter’s surgeries with Dr. Paley], I felt completely misplaced. We didn’t know a soul. Chabad became our home when we didn’t know where to go. Now, as the six months draw to a close and my daughter is thank G‑d recovering well, I am finding it hard to say good-bye to the strangers who became family in our time of need. Even in Iran, where I grew up, this kind of hospitality is unusual.”


“Our hearts overflow with gratitude that Hashem guided us to your Chabad House. The vision of the Rebbe to establish Chabad Houses worldwide, serving as a second home for Jews everywhere, is something we deeply cherish. Every member of the Levitin family, from the Rabbi to Elka, has showered us with blessings beyond measure. We ask Hashem to bestow upon you the same blessings you’ve brought into our lives and the community.”


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