Hindel Levitin was raised in the heart of the Chabad community in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. With her warm, upbeat personality and down-to-earth approach to life, Hindel brought the joy of Judaism to schools and camps across the country as well as in Lugansk, Ukraine, and Melbourne, Australia, before moving with her family on shlichus to Palm Beach, Florida. 

Hindel is the program director of The Chabad House on Palm Beach. She shares the joys of Judaism with Jews of all ages in varied ways. Hindel developed an original music and movement program that was replicated across the state, Jewish Music for Kids and Moms!, and her years of experience in early childhood education including teaching music and drama classes in schools in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Florida make her a sought-after master teacher. Hindel directs the Gary & Mona Davis Daled Arts, a Jewish cultural arts experience for children, their families and friends, and is also the director of the Jewish Women's Circle of Palm Beach, providing social, artistic, and intellectual programming for women. 

In her free time, Hindel mentors high school teens, writes musicals, facilitates book discussions at the Society of the Four Arts, and throws things out because spotlessly clean counters and junk drawers with zero junk spark much joy. 

As the proud mother of nine, she tries to instill in her children that there is purpose in every moment of every day, so put the other person's needs first, show respect to others, and invite G‑d into the details.