• National Jewish RetreatAUGUST 14 – 16

    The National Jewish Retreat offers a transformative 5-day experience in Miami, featuring world-class presenters, interactive talks and workshops, kosher cuisine, and a vibrant community of like-minded attendees seeking deeper Jewish wisdom and connection.
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  • Israel at WarUpdates, spiritual insights, and more. Read More
The Chabad House brings opportunities for everyone from babies and children to young professionals and retirees to reconnect with their Jewishness through prayer services, holiday events, and cultural programs—spreading the light of Judaism through music, drama, lectures, concerts, entertainment, and culinary and craft workshops. Chabad concerns itself with the totality of Jewish life, spiritual and physical.
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When it came time to give the Torah to the Jewish people, G-d told Moses to speak with the women first. Because that is the order by which Torah enters the world: First the fundamentals, then the details. The fundamentals—faith, trust, love, awe, sanctity—these are principally the woman’s...
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