• Women's Purim PartyMONDAY, MARCH 4 | 10:30 AM

    Featuring games, lunch, and learning highlighting the heroine Queen Esther.
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  • A Palm Beach PurimSUNDAY, MARCH 24 | 6:00 PM

    Experience the warmth and luxury of Palm Beach at our Purim celebration, featuring a five-star dinner, fine wines, a family feud game, and a multimedia Megillah reading. Dress in the island's classic style and immerse yourself in a perfect blend of tradition and modernity.
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  • Shabbat MatinéeSHABBOS, MARCH 16 | 10:30 AM

    Experience our first Shabbat Matinée, designed for individuals who don't speak Hebrew, feel lost in the synagogue, and lack the patience for a long and boring service. Enjoy engaging services with a guest cantor, entertaining kids' program, and a delightful kiddush.
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  • Hamantash BakeMONDAY, MARCH 18 | 2:45 PM

    Don your chef's hat and bake your very own batch of Hamantashen in the flavor of your choice; don't forget the take-home recipe card. Healthy Purim treats will be served!
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  • Mommy & MeFIVE TUESDAYS BEGINNING FEB. 13 | 9:30-10:30 AM

    When you turn up the music, does your baby light up, or dance in place? If you answered YES, then Mommy & Me of Palm Beach is for you. Featuring JM for KM! songs, babies and toddlers enjoy a creative program where Judaism comes alive. The program is open to Florida residents and visitors alike; walk-ins are welcome. Healthy and kid-friendly snacks are served.
The Chabad House brings opportunities for everyone from babies and children to young professionals and retirees to reconnect with their Jewishness through prayer services, holiday events, and cultural programs—spreading the light of Judaism through music, drama, lectures, concerts, entertainment, and culinary and craft workshops. Chabad concerns itself with the totality of Jewish life, spiritual and physical.
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