Chabad plans 2016 Holocaust Memorial Evening

By Betty Nelander
Palm Beach Daily News
Thursday, May 12, 2016

Chabad event to shine light on Holocaust photo
Holocaust survivor Ester Kisner will
address a program hosted by The Gary

and Terri Schottenstein Palm Beach Torah Institute.

Stories from survivors are poignant reminders of the Holocaust.

A Holocaust survivor from Boca Raton will speak at Holocaust Memorial Evening May 19 during a program hosted by The Gary and Terri Schottenstein Palm Beach Torah Institute, a project of The Chabad House. “Her live testimony of her story is sure to be an inspiration for all of us,” said Rabbi Zalman Levitin of Chabad of Northern Palm Beach Island.

The evening also will feature a memorial lighting of six candles in memory of the 6 million Jews murdered and the rabbi singing a prayer of mercy. It will conclude with the singing of Grace after Meals.

The survivor, Ester Kisner, was only 12 when the Nazis invaded her town of Busk, Poland. Kisner and her parents were offered a hiding place by a Polish gentile, Bronka, who risked her life and the lives of her husband and four children to keep them safe from the atrocities of the Nazis and Ukrainians. They were liberated in July 1944.

“Ester married Benjamin Kisner, also a Holocaust survivor, but both chose not to ever discuss their traumatic experiences with each other or with their children, even when director Steven Spielberg asked to interview them in 1995,” according to the synagogue. “Ben passed away 21 years ago, and Ester has since chosen to speak out, to teach others about the danger of hatred and prejudice and about the kindness that can be found in the midst of darkness.”

Notes the rabbi: “Every time we do a good deed — show kindness, give charity, or honor the elderly — we behave as the hands and feet of the holy souls who perished in the Holocaust. They live on and we honor them through our good deeds.”

For details on the event, guests can call 561-420-5000 or reserve at