JM for KM (Jewish Music for Kids and Moms) photo

Palm Beach Daily News
Saturday, October 22, 2016

From left, Roz Pomerance, Debbie Stahl, Hindel Levitin, Carol Rasowsky, Diana Strauss, Sara Simovich and Cookie Gottlieb, take part in at Monday’s Caffeine for the Soul class July 18 at The Esplanade. “The women enjoy an hour of Torah study, collecting ‘Torah endorphins,’ with other Jewish women and study the Parsha from a fresh Chassidic perspective with Rebbetzin Hindel Levitin,” says Rabbi Zalman Levitin of Chabad of Northern Palm Beach Island. Courtesy of Chabad of Northern Palm Beach Island

Nikki Walker (left) helps son Drew Asher Walker put on a clown nose for the Punchinello song at The Chabad House. The two were participating in a Jewish Music for Kids and Moms class, led by Hindel Levitin, with the theme Simchat Torah. The classes cover Jewish prayers, charity, values and holidays through music and song, finishing with a related craft and snack. For sign-up details, call Hindel Levitin, 561-659-3884, or visit