Chabad House holds first Inclusion Torah Ceremony

Palm Beach Daily News
January 5, 2019


Chabad House of Northern Palm Beach Island hosted its first Inclusion Torah ceremony on Dec. 23 with about 200 people in attendance.

The chabad’s sefer torah, or handwritten copy of the torah, is part of the chabad’s Inclusion Project, which is presented in cooperation with the Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County’s Friedman Commission for Jewish Education.

The torah, only 8 inches tall and written on lightweight paper, was purposefully made so that anyone could lift it. Some participants even assisted the scribe in writing the Inclusion Torah’s final letters.

Music, dancing and a sit-down meal followed the inauguration of the new torah.

“This site is similar to a wedding because the Torah is the marriage document between God and the Jewish people. At Mount Sinai, every single Jew witnessed the Divine revelation, and interestingly each of us represents another letter in the Tora,” Rabbi Zalman Levitin said.

The torah was donated by Sidney Elman in memory of his parents Jacob and Eva Elman.

The Chabad is at 361 S. County Road. Call 659-3884 for more information or go to