Palm Beach religion: Temples close out Passover with community meals

Palm Beach Daily News
April 24, 2019


Rabbi Zalman Levitin, right, hands out
special hand-made "watched" matzah to
be eaten at each of the seders during Passover, to Sid and Roberta Rosenthal
at Publix.

Chabad House of Northern Palm Beach Island will host its third seder, also known as the Meal of Moshiach, at 6:30 p.m. Saturday.

The Moshiach’s meal, instituted more than 200 years ago by the founder of the Chassidic movement Baal Shem Tov, celebrates the arrival of Moshiach, or the messiah, in Judaism.

The meal serves as a close to the Passover holiday and includes four cups of wine and matzo.

“As the eight-day Passover holiday comes to a close, we gather the community together in unity with stories and soulful singing in anticipation of Moshiach’s arrival. We look forward to this Moshiach’s Meal each year,” Rabbi Zalman Levitin said in an email.

The Chabad House is at 361 S. County Road. Call 420-5000 or go to .